Genital Herpes Pictures

Why Is Looking At Genital Herpes Pictures Online Not A Good Idea?


Searching For Herpes Pictures When a person first suspects a genital herpes infection there are several things they might do.

Here are some of the most common things a person will do first.

Almost everyone who fears they may be infected with genital herpes goes online to search for genital herpes pictures. They do this so that they can compare the images with their physical symptoms. In this way they try to make a visual diagnosis and maybe convince themselves they are not infected.

This is not a good idea and here is why.

Less than 10% of those infected with genital herpes will display the classic symptoms. The vast majority of those with genital herpes exhibit no symptoms whatsoever or symptoms so mild they can easily be mistaken for many other common skin conditions.

Also, the genital herpes pictures you find online almost always show extreme cases of genital herpes infection. Not only will this not help you figure out if you have genital herpes but you are probably going to feel a lot worse about your situation after you see some of the extremely graphic and frightening pictures available online.

Herpes MisdiagnosisSo how hard it is to visually diagnose genital herpes? There was a study in the New England Journal Of Medicine where doctors were tested to see how accurately they could diagnose genital herpes through visual inspection alone.

1 out of 5 doctors gave an incorrect diagnosis.

Remember, these are highly trained medical professionals and they got it right only 80% of the time. An untrained person trying to visually diagnose themselves by using genital herpes pictures found online is going to be even less accurate.

The point of all this is that a laboratory test is the only way to be sure if you have genital herpes. Check out the page on herpes testing to get more information on the different tests as well as how to interpret the results.


Herpes Pictures

If you are still determined to see images of herpes infections, just head over to Google and type in “herpes pictures“. Click on the “Images” link in the top left-hand corner of the page and you will find over 10 million results. Remember, you’ve been warned. Looking at these images is just going to make you feel a lot worse about your situation. The best course of action is to get a laboratory test. Then, if you don’t have genital herpes this will put your mind at ease. And if you do have genital herpes you will most likely never suffer an outbreak as extreme as those pictured. Also, take a look at the rest of this site and start to educate yourself on this annoying skin condition.


Useful Herpes Photos

Somehow it doesn’t seem right to make a page about genital herpes pictures without providing herpes photos of some kind. So if you look below you will find many pictures of the genital herpes virus itself.

The genital herpes virus is too small to be seen with a normal optical microscope. The images you see below were all taken using a transmission electron microscope which allows magnifications of over 100,000x.

Below you will find various herpes photos which show the virus at various magnifications and at various stages of cell invasion.


Pics Of Herpes Simplex Virus


Herpes Pictures

Above you can see some pics of herpes viruses magnified around 200,000x. The herpes virus is a very simple organism consisting only of a protein shell surrounding the virus’ genetic material. The genetic material consists of double-stranded DNA.

The herpes virus is spherically shaped with a diameter of around 100 nanometers. To put this into perspective, a herpes virus is 1000x smaller than the width of a human hair.

Most people would not think of the herpes virus as being alive. It does not have a metabolic system and relies entirely on human host cells for reproduction. It is a parasite.


Genital Herpes Pictures

Here you can see some pics of herpes viruses inside of a human cell. The herpes virus is transferred from person to person through direct skin-to-skin sexual contact. Once inside the human body, the virus will penetrate the nucleus of the human cell. The host cell is then hijacked into making more of the herpes virus’ DNA.


Pictures Of Herpes Virus Invading Cells


Pics Of Herpes

Here you can see some pictures of herpes viruses attempting to enter a human cell. This is the absorption or attachment phase of viral reproduction. During this phase the herpes virus sticks to receptors on the wall of the host cell.


Pictures Of Herpes

Here you can see pictures of herpes viruses both inside and outside of a human cell. This is the penetration stage of viral replication. Like many animal viruses, the herpes virus remains intact as it enters the host cell to deliver its genetic material.


Herpes Photos

Once inside the cell nucleus, the herpes virus tricks the host cell into making all of the pieces necessary to create more viruses. These pieces are then assembled into new genital herpes viruses which exit the cell looking for more healthy human cells to infect. Then the process starts all over again.


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