Herpes Social Groups & Herpes Support Groups


Below you will find links to local herpes social groups and herpes support groups. These groups are great places to meet other individuals who know exactly what you are going through. If you live near one of these groups I strongly encourage you to check them out.

For some, the idea of participating in a local herpes social group is very frightening. It can be incredibly intimidating to show up at one of these groups. Fortunately, most of these groups have excellent websites which allow you to ask questions and see what the group is all about. This helps you to become familiar with the group before deciding to participate.

The benefits of participating in one of these groups far outweigh the fear and anxiety of showing up. But if this is not for you or if there is not a group nearby then I encourage you to check out the other sections of this website. Another great option is a herpes forum which provides the same kind of emotional support. Also, check out the Herpes Dating eBook. It’s the world’s best-selling book on the topic and contains tons of valuable information.



National Herpes Support Groups

National H Club – National Herpes Event Listings

Black People with Herpes – Yahoo Group

Herpes Singles – Yahoo Group

Picking Up The Pieces – Yahoo Group

Planet H – Yahoo Group

Single Blacks with Herpes – Yahoo Group



Alabama – Herpes Support Groups

Alabama Herpes Club – Yahoo Group

Alabama Herpes – Yahoo Group



Alaska – Herpes Social Group

Meet Alaskans with HSV2 – Meetup Group



Arizona – Herpes Support Groups

Phoenix HELP Group

Phoenix H Friends – Yahoo Group

Tucson H Friends – Yahoo Group



Arkansas – Herpes Social Group

Little Rock Singles H Club – Yahoo Group




California – Herpes Support Groups

Bay Area Friends (BAF) – Yahoo Group

Bay Area Friends – Meetup Group

Bay Area Friends (BAF) Public Website

SF Bay Area Gay Men with Herpes – Yahoo Group

Bay Area Lesbians with Herpes (San Francisco) – Yahoo Group

San Diego Friends – Yahoo Group

San Diego HELP Support Group

San Diego Meetup Group – 30 & Under – Meetup Group

LA HELP Support Group

Orange County HELP Support Group

Southern California Friends – Yahoo Group

Orange County Friends – Yahoo Group

Socials All Over Southern CA – Meetup Group

20’s-30’s Socials All Over So Cal – Meetup Group

Los Angeles H – Meetup Group

Central Cali Friends (Fresno)

Sacramento Friends – Yahoo Group

Socials All Over Northern California – Meetup Group



Colorado – Herpes Social Group

Colorado H Friends



Connecticut – Herpes Social Group

All Connecticut H Friends – Yahoo Group



Delaware – Herpes Social Group

Delaware Friends – Yahoo Group



Florida – Herpes Support Groups

Club H South Florida (Dade/Broward Counties) – Yahoo Group

Florida Herpes Club – Yahoo Group

Northern Florida H Friends – Yahoo Group

Orlando H2O Social Group

Orlando HELP Support Group

Orlando FL Herpes Singles Site – Yahoo Group

Sarasota-Bradenton H Club – Yahoo Group

South West Florida H Support – Yahoo Group

Tampa Bay H Club – Yahoo Group

Jacksonville H – Yahoo Group



Georgia – Herpes Support Groups

Atlanta H Club

People of Color Atlanta – Yahoo Group



Hawaii – Herpes Social Group

Herpes In Hawaii – Yahoo Group



Idaho – Herpes Social Group

Inland Empire HSV Singles – Yahoo Group



Illinois – Herpes Support Groups

Chicago – “H” Social Group – Meetup Group

Chicago HELP Support Group

Central Illinois Prairie Friends – Yahoo Group

Illinois H Friends – Yahoo Group

People of Color Chicago – Yahoo Group



Indiana – Herpes Support Groups


Indianapolis HELP Support Group



Iowa – Herpes Social Group

Central Iowa Friends – Yahoo Group



Kentucky – Herpes Social Group

Louisville H Friends – Yahoo Group



Louisiana – Herpes Support Groups

Shreveport Herpes Dating Group – Yahoo Group

Meet People With Herpes In Louisiana – Yahoo Group



Maine – Herpes Support Groups

Maine Herpes – Yahoo Group

Northeast Herpes – Yahoo Group



Maryland – Herpes Social Group

Baltimore H2O – Yahoo Group



Massachusetts – Herpes Support Groups

Boston HELP Herpes Support Group

Beantown Friends – Yahoo Group



Michigan – Herpes Support Groups

Detroit – Metro Detroit Help

Motor City Friends – Yahoo Group

West Michigan Friends – Yahoo Group



Minnesota – Herpes Social Group

Twin Cities Lesbians with Herpes – Yahoo Group



Mississippi – Herpes Social Group

MS Herpes Dating – Yahoo Group



Montana – Herpes Social Group

Young Montanans With Herpes – Yahoo Group



Nevada – Herpes Support Groups

Las Vegas Friends – Yahoo Group

Northern Nevada Friends – Yahoo Group



New Hampshire – Herpes Support Groups

Northeast Herpes – Yahoo Group

VT NH Blue Balloon Support Group – Yahoo Group



New Jersey – Herpes Support Groups

H2O New Jersey – Yahoo Group

New Jersey H Club – Yahoo Group



New Mexico – Herpes Social Group

New Mexico H Singles – Yahoo Group



New York – Herpes Support Groups

Herpes New York – Yahoo Group

Herpes Information New York – Yahoo Group

People of Color New York – Yahoo Group

Buffalo and Western New York H Friends – Yahoo Group

Upstate NY Friends – Yahoo Group



North Carolina – Herpes Support Groups

Charlotte H Club

North Carolina H – Yahoo Group

Raleigh Triangle H Club – Yahoo Group

Raleigh Herpes – Meetup Group



North Dakota – Herpes Social Group

North Dakota H Friends – Yahoo Group



Ohio – Herpes Support Groups

Cincinnati HELP Support Group

Ohio Friends



Oklahoma – Herpes Social Group

Oklahoma H Club – Yahoo Group



Oregon – Herpes Support Groups

Bend Area Friends – Yahoo Group

Central Oregon H Club – Yahoo Group

Portland Area Friends

PDX Friends with H – Meetup Group



Pennsylvania – Herpes Support Groups

Philadelphia Friends – Yahoo Group

Philadelphia Friends Support – Yahoo Group



Rhode Island – Herpes Social Group

Herpes Singles Rhode Island – Yahoo Group



South Carolina – Herpes Support Groups

South Carolina H Friends – Yahoo Group

People of Color South Carolina – Yahoo Group



Tennessee – Herpes Support Groups

Knoxville Herpes – Yahoo Group

Memphis H Friends – Yahoo Group



Texas – Herpes Support Groups

Austin Herpes Singles Site – Yahoo Group

DFW Friends

Houston Friends

Houston HELP Support Group

San Antonio Friends – Yahoo Group

Clear Lake and Galveston County H Friends – Meetup Group



Utah – Herpes Support Groups

Herpes Singles Utah – Yahoo Group

Utah Herpes Support – Yahoo Group



Vermont – Herpes Support Groups

Vermont Friends – Yahoo Group

VT NH Blue Balloon Support Group – Yahoo Group




Virginia – Herpes Social Group

Virginia H Friends – Yahoo Group



Washington – Herpes Support Groups

Seattle H Scene – Yahoo Group

Seattle H Scene Public Website

Capital Area Friends – Yahoo Group



Washington D.C. – Herpes Social Group




Wisconsin – Herpes Support Groups

Wisconsin Herpes United – Yahoo Group

Herpes In Wisconsin – Yahoo Group

S-W-A-G – Yahoo Group

Northeastern Wisconsin Friends – Yahoo Group



Herpes Forum

Herpes And Coldsore Support Forum

The Original Herpes Home Page Discussion Forums



Herpes Chat

Herpes Coldsores Chat



Herpes Blogs

Herpes Answers

Charlotte Grayson M.D.

Herpes Is Just A Virus To Me




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